Posted on: November 30, 2008 10:25 am

Aggies need to shut up about "classless" Texas

OK, Texas A&M, you got beat by Texas.

So maybe 'beat' isn't the right phrase... perhaps 'taken out behind the woodshed' or 'embarrassed' would be better.  But the important truth is this: Texas did nothing wrong when Colt McCoy and the Longhorns put up 21 points on you in the 4th quarter, for the following reasons (and they are many, so go pop open a fresh beer if you need one.)

1. Texas hadn't beaten A&M in the previous two tries.  Last time the Longhorns won in this matchup, Vince Young was running the offense.  A little payback was certainly on the minds of the juniors and seniors who know about disappointing losses to A&M.

2. This is a rivalry game.  Put up or shut up.  This team is on your schedule every year.  You know them.  They know you.  Your alumni tell you when you do a good job, they hand your a$$ to you when you do a poor job.  I could go on with the standard cliches.  This game means more to college football fans in the state of Texas than the Big 12 Championship game.  It is circled on calendars as soon as they're ripped open on Christmas Day.  Saturday after Thanksgiving, Aggies vs. Longhorns (or Longhorns vs. Aggies, depending on who you root for).  So don't cry to me when your biggest rival keeps pounding the ball down your throats.  This is a rivalry game.

3. Colt McCoy is a candidate for the Heisman trophy.  He runs faster than Tim Tebow.  Throws just as well.  There was no way Coach Brown was going to pull his star out when there was a chance for McCoy to set team records for career wins (31, passing Vince Young) and passing yards in a season (3,594).  And to do it against A&M (see #2 above)?  That was sweet.

4. Texas still has a shot at the National Title.  They beat Oklahoma by 10.  They got edged by Texas Tech.  They are still in it.  It all depends on the voters and (sadly) those voters look at margin of victory.  Texas wants another shot at the title.  And if it means crushing A&M to do it, so be it.

5. The Aggies did nothing to stop Texas.  A&M was actually moving backwards when they tried to run the ball.  The Aggie offense moved 1.2 yards towards their OWN end zone every time they ran the ball (22 rushes, minus-24 yards).  If you can't keep the Longhorn offense off teh field, A&M, then who SHOULD you blame when those same Longhorns run the ball into the end zone?  By the way, all 3 of those 4th quarter TDs that the Longhorns scored came on the ground.  Who's fault is that?

6. You ticked them off before the game.  On the Longhorns' home field, Aggie players got into a shoving match with Longhorn players in the end zone.  During a traditional prayer meeting in the end zone.  And you're surprised that the Longhorn players and coaches wanted a little payback DURING the game?  Either these whining Aggie fans are retarded, or they have never played in a game before.  Little aside here:  I coached high school football and soccer for 8 seasons now.  Players and coaches alike know what it means to hate a rival.  You want to beat them, you want to embarrass them.  Any way you can, you will.  So you do it, especially in front of your home fans.  On the road, perhaps a bit more caution.  At home?  Gut them like fish.  And if they give you an excuse like A&M did?  You do more of it in the 4th quarter, with the game in hand.

7. A&M is having a bad year.  New coach, new system... you expected them to be able to stand up to a national title contender?  How many types of beer do they sell in Texas?  Cuz Aggie fans must have drunk all of it to think they had a shot.

8. You will see them next year.  Texas knows this.  They know that they might face a rebuilding year somewhere down the road.  This game may come back to haunt them in years to come.  But they can be sure of this much: right now, they are better than A&M.  The second-largest margin of victory in the series belongs to them.  And they will use that to recruit players and help make sure that the Aggies don't catch up for a loooooooong(horn) time.

So shut up, Aggie fans.  You saw this whuppin' coming, and you weren't good enough to slow it down, much less stop it.  So go cryin' to someone else, because if I hear any of your sniveling coming my way, I'm just going to tell you "Man up, Aggies, and QUIT YOUR WHINING!"

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